Pre A-Level/IB

Speaking to the other kids allowed me to think about my future and what kind of university I want to go to. I learnt so much I wouldn't in my home country

The Pre-A Level or IB Summer School Course is designed to help international students starting A Level or International Baccalaureate Diploma courses settle into their new school's curriculum more quickly and confidently.

The course will really improve your chances of gaining good grades early in the course – a real help with final results and university applications.

This course is suitable for students who:

  • Looking for essential study skills for A-Level and IB preparation
  • Are aged between 15-17
  • Have a CEFR level of B2 and above

Students choose four of the following subjects to study: biology, chemistry, physics, maths, history, English, English literature and IB diploma skills*. They receive 6 lessons in each subject per week, plus 6 lessons of drama. 

*IB Diploma Skills is a package Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay and CAS

Students can attend course for the whole 6 weeks or for 2, 3, 4 or 5 weeks and study the same four subjects for the whole time, or choose different subjects in different two-week sections. Topics do no repeat.

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