IGCSE / GCSE Mid Course Booster

There was a great energy at the school! I really liked the relationship between teacher/staff and students

This course is designed to give students, who have completed Year 10, a confident and successful start to their final IGCSE/GCSE year by revisiting material covered in the last year, as well as looking ahead to Year 11.

This course is suitable for students who:

  • Want some extra preparation for school term GCSE/IGCSE courses
  • Have a good level of English already and want to push themselves a little more
  • Are aged between 13 and 17
  • Have a CEFR level of B1 and above

Students choose four of the following subjects to study: biology, chemistry, physics, maths and English, and receive 6 lessons in each per week, plus 6 lessons of drama. 

Students can attend course for the whole 6 weeks or for 2, 3, 4 or 5 weeks and study the same four subjects for the whole time, or choose different subjects in different two-week sections. Topics do no repeat.

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