Courses at our English international boarding school can prepare your child to enter the elite UK boarding schools, transforming their English language skills, introducing them to the UK education system and British culture.

Located in the historic and safe town of Sherborne in the south-west of England, we provide:

  • Education for girls and boys aged 8-17 years, from 30+ countries
  • Small class sizes (8 students) with highly-qualified staff
  • A caring boarding environment
  • Access to world-class facilities through Sherborne School
  • Provision judged ‘Excellent’ for every category in our ISI inspection

Our Courses

Summer Courses

Our UK summer school courses give a unique taste of life at our international school, boosting English language skills and bringing excitement to education. They are intensive and academic, but also offer an extensive choice of sports, activities and excursions.

Spring Courses

Our intensive Easter revision courses are perfect for students preparing for GCSE or IGCSE exams at their school and looking to improve their English language skills.

English international school student with teacher in science class

Our International Students

Students come to our English School from countries around the world as it is renowned for being one of the best boarding schools in the UK for international students. We asked them why they came to study here, what they like best about England and about their future plans.

Comments about our School

Most students make remarkable progress in English that contributes significantly to their academic success.

ISI School Inspector

My teachers were also wonderful, they were very kind, and if I asked a question they explained until I understood.

Sayata (Student)

The school takes an extremely rigorous approach to welfare, health and safety, and standards are outstanding.

ISI School Inspector

What can I tell you about this place? If you want to send your children to improve their English, send them here.

Fedor (Student)

The senior leadership team provides strong direction that is reflected in the students’ significant achievements in their public examination performance, the outstanding care of the students and the successful fulfilment of the School’s aims and ethos.

ISI School Inspector

The classes here are absolutely excellent. The teachers have a great range of knowledge, I really learned a lot from them.

Diheng (Student)

Staff in houses know the students in their care well and understand their social and academic needs.

ISI School Inspector

This is a unique place. Whoever comes here will enjoy a great experience that they will not get elsewhere.

AK (Student)
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