Located in the historic town of Sherborne in the South West of England at the Sherborne School Newell Campus, Sherborne Short Courses provides world-leading short course programmes which include our long-standing Summer Course and our Academic Spring Course, for students preparing for the I/GCSE examinations.

Founded by Sherborne School in 1977, Sherborne International was the UK’s first international study centre. Sherborne School is one of the country’s most distinguished schools and we have built on their secure foundation, providing a world-renowned education for international students, with an in-depth understanding of both international and UK-based students’ needs, covering academic, linguistic, and cultural education.

We provide:

  • High-quality, personalised learning experiences for girls and boys aged 8-17 years, from 30+ countries
  • Small class sizes with highly qualified staff
  • A caring boarding environment
  • Access to the world-class facilities of Sherborne School

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Summer Courses

Our UK summer school courses give a unique taste of life at our international school, boosting English language skills and bringing excitement to education. They are intensive and academic but also offer an extensive choice of sports, activities, and excursions.

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This camp is now my favourite. All the staff, teachers and students are very good and I like the lessons here, they are very interesting and helpful

Spring Courses

Sherborne School’s Intensive Spring revision courses are perfect for students preparing for GCSE at their school while the Intensive English plus Subjects course will provide a boost to language skills and confidence for International students.

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Our son's confidence is so much higher than it was and he got loads out of his time with you. It’s the first time, in a long time, he has enjoyed learning and proudly shared some of his work with me

We are accredited by the British Council so you can be confident that all of our courses deliver a quality educational experience for your child and that their welfare is considered a priority at all times.