Our Students – Irina

Student DetailsOur Students - Irina

  • Name:  Irina
  • Nationality:  Russian
  • First Language: Russian
  • Age: 16
  • Studying:  Two-year I/GCSE Course

Why have you come to the UK to study?

My dad wanted me to come here to receive a better, more academic education and to improve my English. His best friend’s daughter studied here and she really enjoyed it, so my dad thought I would too.

Have you enjoyed your time at Sherborne International so far?

Yes, very much. I’m now in my third year here and have made many friends from lots of countries. It is a small, very friendly school with a nice community and the staff are very caring.

In what areas has Sherborne International helped you improve?

My English has improved so much and thanks to the teachers I’ve also improved in many subjects, particularly science.

What do you like most about being in England?

Sherborne is a nice town and I really like the English cities that are fantastic and very different.

I also really like speaking English  and meeting English people. They are very friendly and always smile even if I don’t know them!

Where would you like to go next?

I have a place at d’Overbroeck’s in Oxford to study Economics and Psychology. I chose this school because I really like Oxford and have friends there.

What career would you like when you finish education?

I’m not sure yet but something business related.

Any other comments?

The food is great!

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