Our Students – Bek

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Our Students - Bek

  • Name:  Bek
  • Nationality:  Uzbekistan
  • First Language: Uzbek
  • Age: 14
  • Studying:  Two-year I/GCSE Course

Why have you come to the UK to study?

My father was very keen for me to come to the UK to study as he thinks it will provide me with the best possible education that will help with my future. I came here when I was 11 so I have now been here for three years.

Have you enjoyed your time at Sherborne International so far?

Yes, very much. The teaching staff are very helpful to make sure you fully understand everything. My favourite subjects are business studies and biology.

I also really enjoy the sports, particularly the matches against other schools.

In what areas has Sherborne International helped you improve?

My English has improved dramatically. I had very little English when I first came here, but it’s now very good.

I have also become more confident and improved my leadership and communication skills, which has helped in my role as captain of the football team.

What do you like most about being in England?

I really like the location of Sherborne. It’s a nice quiet town surrounded by countryside. But I also enjoy cities, so it’s been fun to visit various cities on weekend excursions.

Where would you like to go next?

I would like to continue my education at an English boarding school and university, but I don’t yet know which ones.

What career would you like when you finish education?

I would like to be a politician or have an international role.

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