Netball vs Bishopstrow – Spring 2020

Report from Sherborne International vs Bishopstrow Netball on Tuesday 4 February 2020

Sherborne International Girls enjoyed their first netball match and first success of the season by beating Bishopstrow College.

The Sherborne International Girls team played a 30 minute game with two teams swapping half way through.

Coco played brilliantly scoring two of the three goals in the first half, with a third goal by Hannah Ding.

Clara and Kateryna made a huge effort. As juniors they easily coped against older and stronger opposition.

The defence of Varvara and Yvonne prevented Bishopstrow from getting the ball into the shooting circle so they had no chance of scoring.

The team was held together by Christy in the centre court who was a steady influence on the team.

The second half resulted in a further three goals scored by Maria Sarapalova and an additional goal by Hasumi Kobyashi.

The attack, which included Blessing and Anastasia, kept the ball in Sherborne International’s half so much that there was no opportunity for Bishopstrow to score. Even when Bishopstrow started with the ball Sherborne International defence, of Christy and Claudia, did not allow the opposition to attempt a shot at their goal.

This resulted in a final score of 7-0 to Sherborne International.


  • 1st Half: Hannah, Coco, Clara, Christy L, Kateryna, Varvara, Yvonne
  • 2nd Half: Mariia, Hasumi, Blessing, Anastasia M, Christy Z, Yoyo, Claudia
  • Reserve: Chalida

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