Inter House Basketball – Autumn 2019

Photos and report from the Inter House Basketball Competition on Saturday 28 September 2019

Report by Miss Davison

As usual this event was played with great enthusiasm.

The Girls’ Competition was won by Lapping thanks to the great team work between Hasumi and Anastasia. Hasumi scored every time she received the ball thanks to her speed and ability to execute the perfect lay-up. Francis house were second, thanks to the graceful lay-ups of Diana. Maria was a great captain for her house allowing Diana to take the glory. Macnaghten house did not have any individual stars but worked together as a team. Both Christy and Patricia kept working and putting the other teams under pressure.

The Junior Boys’ Competition could not have been closer. Every match was a draw. Kun was constantly attacking for Lapping house. Jimmy was showing everyone his dribbling skills by weaving past several people but was unable to score for Francis House. Akira took every opportunity he could to shoot but not enough of his shots went through the ring. Niko was an inspiring leader for his team giving them lots of encouragement. The competition was eventually decided by the number of baskets scored. As Macnaghten had scored more than the other two teams they won.

The Senior Boys’ Competition showed a high level of skill from some of the boys. In third place was Francis house. Roger was the driving force for this team and scored most of the points for his team. Second was Macnaghten house. Steven and Emil worked hard to get past the opposition but they could not do everything themselves. Lapping boys won their competition as they had three strong players in Barnaby, Sazi and Johnson. They worked well together as a team making use of speed and skill.

Once the three competitions were put together the final result was:

  • Winner: Lapping House
  • Second: Macnaghten House
  • Third: Francis House

Photographs by Mr McGinty

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