Badminton vs Bishopstrow – Autumn 2019

Report from Sherborne International vs Bishopstrow Badminton on Thursday 31 October 2019

On 31 October Sherborne International students had their first badminton match of the season.

Five boys and five girls travelled to Bishopstrow College near Warminster.

There were some new pairing this year for Maria, Hasumi and Nastia who had all played regularly last year. Each pair played five matches and each pair won three of their five matches except Maria and Jacky who won four of their matches.

Maria deserved these victories as she has practised every Sunday this term.

All the victories were sweeter for the girls as they played against two boys in four of their matches instead of one boy and one girl. The final score was a victory to Sherborne International by 16 sets to 9.


  1. Maria and Jacky
  2. Nastia and Taiga
  3. Hasumi and Vance
  4. Jasmine and Martin
  5. Hannah and Oscar

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