Sport is a very important and enjoyable part of English school life. We prepare students for sports they are likely to play at their next schools including athletics, badminton, basketball, cricket, football, netball and swimming.

As part of our partnership with Sherborne School, our students have access to outstanding sports facilities, including the large outdoor sports fields for football and cricket shown in the video below.

Students are allocated into teams or ‘houses’ within the School and these teams play against each other in various sports competitions during the year. School teams also play against other schools. You can view all fixtures and results.

Our students also use the fabulous indoor swimming pool, gym and indoor courts for badminton, basketball and volleyball at Sherborne Sports Centre.

Our sports teachers provide ongoing coaching to students to help them improve their performance and enjoyment of all sports offered.

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Out students have access to the excellent 25m indoor swimming pool at Sherborne Sports Centre which is a short five minute walk away.

There are regular events throughout the year including a swimming gala.

Every Sunday, you can go to the swimming pool in the sports centre from 3pm to 4pm with your friends. I always enjoy the lovely blue water and dancing ripples. It is relaxing and quiet, and everyone who goes enjoys it.
People can practice their swimming skills for PE and the swimming gala, which is a really big inter-house event, or float free on the water or try out diving from the board which is really fun. It is good for your fitness and I really think you should go and you will enjoy it.
Sam (Year 11)
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Our students enjoy playing football throughout the autumn and spring terms.

It is the most popular sport amongst the boys, with under 14, under 15 and under 16 teams. The girls also have a football team, which has become extremely popular over the last couple of years.


The students have access to three football pitches throughout the season, as well as the ‘Hughie Holmes All Weather Astro Turf’.


All student receive football coaching from our sports teachers and graduate assistants, many of whom have studied a sports related degree at University.


View football fixtures and results.

During the first term, we played on a great five-a-side pitch indoors. There were three teams, games were around seven minutes long and we swapped after one team scored. In the second term, we played football on the school’s AstroTurf. We played for an hour and a half then returned to school for supper.
What I really enjoyed about the football activity is that no matter how long you’ve been playing, maybe since you could stand or maybe you’ve never played before, everyone was included in the great atmosphere. Mr Banfield and Mr Morton made it so fun and no one was left out. It was also a really quick game, so no one would get bored. I would definitely encourage you to try the football activity, girls, boys, beginners and pros.
Barnaby (Year 9)
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There is a basketball court on the main Newell Grange campus and a floodlit court in the garden of Westcott Boarding House.

The students also have access to the indoor basketball court at Sherborne Sports Centre, where they train.

They play a number of competitive fixtures through the year against other school in the local area.

There is basketball club as an activity every Sunday afternoon. Mostly members of the school basketball team come and train. Actually, I am the basketball captain, so I always train hard on Sunday to help me improve.
Basketball makes me and my friends’ relationships better so we all love playing basketball at times other than just training on Tuesday and Thursday. My friend, David, always shows me how to dunk at that time which I find really interesting as I want to learn from him.
Sometimes some beginners and girls come too, to try a new sport. People enjoy it and I hope more people will like playing basketball.
Jeffrey (Year 11)
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