2020 – Shakin Spears

Photos from the School Show ‘Shakin Spears’ – performed on Sunday 15 March 2020.

This original devised play included some of Shakespeare’s most famous moments created as a story that follows the patterns of his tragedies. These were interspersed with original poetry and live music performed by the newly formed SI rock band. The performance created a magical afternoon, set around A Midsummer Night’s Dream in the Forest of Arden.

Introduction from the Programme:

Shakespeare wrote about what it is like to be ‘human’. His plays presented every aspect of people. We call this – angst. Every play followed the same pattern as our own lives do. When we feel joy or happiness this is often broken by confusion and conflict. We doubt ourselves and don’t know which way to turn which then ends in chaos and crisis. But even after a tragedy somehow things are resolved, and we find happiness again. This is what we call: life. It is the same today as it was when Shakespeare was writing his plays

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