2019 – Ski Trip

Video and photos from the 2019 staff and student Ski Trip to Italy.

Four members of staff and eighteen students from Sherborne International boarding school visited Andalo in Italy for the annual ski trip during half term in February 2019.

As well as skiing, the group enjoyed ice karting, ice skating, a quiz and lots of pizza!

Harry and Leonardo celebrated their birthdays on the trip – the hotel kindly provided a birthday cake, and ‘Happy Birthday’ was sung in both English and Chinese.

Throughout the trip everyone took photographs and made videos. These were passed to Mrs Russon, who created a fantastic video of all the activities – which can be viewed below.

At the end of the trip, an awards ceremony was held for the students.

Group awards from the Sherborne staff

  • Emily – Zebedee (springs back up again)
  • Richard – Gentleman (always helping others)
  • Mariia – Rory’s shadow
  • Lera – Racing snowplough
  • Leonardo – Paparazzi (taking photos while skiing)
  • Roger – Hitchhiker (ski stuck in Andy’s boot)
  • Guanting – Best listener
  • Andy – Hot head (doesn’t like people crashing into him)
  • Charles – Downhill racer (most improved beginner)
  • Daniel – Smiler (always looks happy)
  • Dino – Backwards boy (likes to ski backwards)
  • Ethan – Sleepyhead (always last out of bed)
  • Harry – Neat skier
  • Nikita – Crazy legs (threw himself down the mountain)
  • Taiga – Lone ranger (one to one lessons)
  • Tony – Good company
  • Dennis – Itchy feet (three pairs of boots)
  • Jessica – Miss forgetful

Photos from the ski trip

Click or tap on any image to view a slideshow of larger photos.

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