2019 – Easter Egg Hunt

Photos of the Easter Egg Hunt and BBQ in March 2019.

The whole School was invited to the gardens at our Westcott and Mowat Boarding Houses at the end of March to celebrate early, as our students would be in their home countries during Easter.

Before the rest of the School arrived, the house staff organised an Easter Egg Hunt for our Juniors – hiding 45 eggs throughout the extensive gardens.

As well as hunting for the chocolate treats, whoever found the most eggs would also win a bigger Easter Egg.

The boys who boarded in our Cheapside House teamed up, and chose to share their winnings between them. As well as collecting the most eggs, it was decided that this team deserved the prize for working so well as a team.

We then welcomed the rest of the School for a barbecue and to sample the wonderful Easter biscuits and cakes created by our Catering Team.

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