Boarding Houses

Our boarding school houses accommodate all our international school students during their studies here. They are conveniently located on campus or within easy walking distance.

As the first international boarding school of its kind in the UK, we have always prided ourselves on one of the best staff to student ratios in the world. Our dedicated full-time house staff are responsible for the well-being of students 24 hours a day. We also have a doctor available every morning, so medical care is always available if needed.

High numbers of dedicated staff ensure that we are able to care for the individual needs of all students, particularly in the first few weeks when some may feel a little homesick. It also allows us to offer a wide variety of sports, activities and excursions to keep students active and happy.

Video of Westcott, Mowat and Grosvenor boarding houses

Girls and boys live in separate boarding houses and most have a single or double bedroom, with a few junior girls being allocated a four-bedded room. Where rooms are shared, we aim to ensure room mates speak different languages to encourage communication in English at all times. All students have a comfortable bed, a desk for study and a secure locker.

All boarding school houses have WiFi and common rooms with TVs, DVD players and games consoles, allowing students to relax with friends during evenings and weekends. Desktop computers are also available with access to printers.

Our boarding school houses also have small kitchens where students can make drinks and snacks.

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