Our Pre-IGCSE / GCSE Summer School Course gives international students starting (or thinking about starting) IGCSE or GCSE courses the academic support they need to acquire skills vital to success.

Key points

  • Perfect preparation for GCSE / IGCSE courses
  • For students aged 13-17
  • Very small class sizes (5 – 8 students)
  • 30 lessons per week: 22hr 30m
  • Six lessons in each of four chosen subjects plus six lessons of drama
  • Essential study skills
  • Experience of practical science
  • Optional additional individual tuition classes available
  • Full programme of sports, afternoon and evening activities
  • Two excursions a week (including study trips on alternate Wednesdays for those staying more than two weeks)
  • For students with CEFR level B1 (Intermediate Level) and above

Students on this course can choose four subjects from: biology, chemistry, physics, maths, history, English and English literature.

Lessons give an introduction to the kinds of content and skills each subject will need at IGCSE / GCSE level. For example, in science, students do experiments and learn how to describe what they did and explain the conclusions they reached in the same way as they would on our one and two-year GCSE / IGCSE course.

In history, students look at evidence and how to examine sources and write up and explain their findings – skills that are important irrespective of the actual period to be studied.

Throughout, students develop their use of the English language appropriate for studying and for life in a boarding school and the UK generally while socialising with others of many different nationalities. Students learn to analyse texts, develop research skills and present conclusions and results orally, in debates or in written form. Drama lessons help increase confidence in speaking and performing.

Students can attend this Pre-IGCSE / GCSE Summer Course for the whole 7 weeks or for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 weeks. For a thorough preparation, we recommend as much time as possible. You can study the same four subjects for the whole time, or choose different subjects in different two-week sections.

My teachers were wonderful, they were very kind, and if I asked a question they explained until I understood.
Sayata, 14 – Japan

Pre IGCSE / GCSE Summer School – 2023 dates

The short courses will take place from:

  • 5 July 2023 for 2, 4, 6 or 7 weeks
  • 19 July 2023 for 2, 4, or 5 weeks
  • 2 August 2023 for 2 or 3 weeks
  • 16 August 2023 for 1 week
  • 23 August 2023 – Final departure day

The last weeks of our summer school program are ideal preparation for international students placed in British Boarding Schools from September, helping students feel more confident and prepared.

Summer school – 2023 fees

More information

You know, I couldn’t stand studying Maths, but our teacher made me fall in love with it.
Sofiya, 15 – Russia

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