360 Photo Tours

Students and parents interested in our courses for international students are often unable to visit in person, so we have created a set of 360 photographic tours of our English international school.

Our main campus – Newell Grange

This is where the teaching for all our courses takes place. Also on campus is our dining hall, where all meals are provided, Greenfield Hall which is used for exams, assemblies, concerts, plays and watching films on the large screen, and King’s Boarding House.

Click on the arrows to move through into different rooms and scenes on our 360 tour of Newell Grange. You can also click and drag to move your viewpoint (or use your finger on a mobile device).


Boarding Houses

Students stay in one of our three boarding houses, where they are very well cared for by our full-time, boarding staff.

Click on the arrows to move through into different rooms and scenes on our 360 tours of our Boarding Houses.

King’s House


Westcott House


Mowat House


What next?

We hope you found these photographic tours helpful.

If you like what you have seen so far and would like to arrange a visit, please use the link below and we will arrange a convenient date. We would be delighted to meet you, answer your questions and give you a guided tour of our School.

Or, if you would like to go ahead and register your interest in our courses, please use the link below.

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