Charity Pancake Race

Staff and students take part in traditional pancake race...

This year the charity pancake race took place on Thursday due to the downpour on Tuesday afternoon. The rules were simple; flip your pancake 3 times and cross the finish line before your fellow contenders.  
House staff in fancy dress provided the competitors for the first three races with Elvis, Doctor Toward and Caveman Haynes competing in one heat and School girl Duckworth and Miss Davison in her best dress lining up in the second. Mr Haynes and Miss Davison advanced to the final which was won by Mr Haynes.

After the staff races, it was the turn of the students who dressed up in their house colours. The boys race was a close contest between Francis and Lapping, with Pasha’s 'flipping tactics’ outwitting Arthur and giving Lapping the win. Pasha shared this tactic with his fellow house captain Daria, who used it to great effect to win the girls' race.

A selection of photos can be found in the galleries section.