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All Policies

Sherborne International is committed to making sure all members of its community are well-cared for, safe, happy and healthy. In order to do this we have a series of guidelines and codes of conduct which we abide by.

We encourage our students to discuss any problems and concerns with other members of the community. We provide written information as well as training and advice to help keep students safe and enable them to flourish as individuals.

Our Statement of Boarding Aims is simple but far-reaching:

Sherborne International aims to give all its students a pleasant home as well as a first class education. All students should be able to work, play and relax free from abuse, intimidation, harassment, teasing and bullying (including cyber-bullying

We encourage all our parents, guardians, agents, students and other interested parties to read our major policies, procedures and codes of conduct thoroughly by following the links below:

Additional policies and internal documents are available for school inspectors (password protected).

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