Sherborne International is open to all boys and girls aged between 11 and 17 years old on entry from non-British, non-English speaking backgrounds who wish to join or experience the British Educational system. There are no formal academic entry requirements except:

  • candidates who have no, or virtually no, English at all may be referred to a specialist language development unit for a short period.
  • candidates joining the 1 year I/GCSE course must have at least lower intermediate standard English (approximately 4+ on the IELTS score or 75% on the School's own test, Level B1 of the Common European Framework). Candidates who arrive for this course without this level of English may either be referred to the two-year I/GCSE programme (if they are young enough), or to a limited I/GCSE programme concentrating on less linguistically-based examination subjects plus additional English tuition (if they are already aged 16).

Sherborne International is open to all regardless of ethnicity, language and religion. The School is working towards being accessible to all, regardless of physical handicap.


Before application can be processed, the following is required:

  • Completed and signed (by both parents) application form
  • The application fee (currently £100.00), which may be paid by cheque, credit card, cash or bank transfer
  • Current school report translated into English, including marks and report on general behaviour and attitude to study
  • A copy of the student's passport


On receipt of the above, the report is scrutinised by the Registrar, and if there are any special queries, the report is then referred to the Principal for a final decision regarding entry.

Once a formal offer of a place has been made, we require the following payments for the place to be guaranteed:

  • £1500 (non-refundable if the student does not take up the place offered)
  • The settlement of the first term's fees, as stated in the invoice accompanying the formal offer.


Once these funds are received, all the necessary enrolment documentation will be processed, including the unique CAS number (Confirmation of Acceptance for Study), which is required to obtain a Child Student Visa (for non-EEU members). Should the student's Visa application fail, the School will refund those payments.

Students normally join us in September, although some courses start in January and April


Full admissions policy can be viewed by downloading the pdf below:

Admissions Policy (Enrolment procedure) for Main Course (all-year round programme)

Prospective parents must read the Conditions of Admission before they sign the application form. A copy of the Conditions of Admission can be downloaded in pdf format below:

Application Form and Conditions of Admission for Main Course (all-year round programme)

Information about fees can be found by downloading the FEES document below.

Fees 2017/18

Term dates 2017/18

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