School Inspections

We have regular school inspections by external review bodies, including the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) and British Council to assess if Sherborne International achieves the high standards it sets itself.

ISI school inspections

February 2019

The School was visited by the ISI in February 2019 for a Compliance Inspection, and found the School to be ‘Fully Compliant’ in all areas, with no recommendations for improvement being made. The full ISI Compliance Inspection Report 2019 can be read now (PDF)

January 2016

In January 2016, ISI school inspection we were rated excellent in all nine categories.

ISI school inspections provide an overall judgement on each aspect of our international school’s work and grades them based on the following four categories:
• Excellent
• Good
• Sound
• Unsatisfactory

We were rated ‘Excellent’ in all nine categories at our last inspection.

Some quotes from the inspectors in each area are included below or you can read the full ISI Inspection Report 2016.

Academic achievement and learning – Excellent

Most students make remarkable progress in English that contributes significantly to their academic success.

Curricular and extra-curricular provision – Excellent

The academic curriculum is complemented by activities and an extra-curricular programme that provide an excellent and wide-ranging learning experience.

Teaching – Excellent

All subject specialist staff are trained or qualified in teaching students with EAL and this, combined with small class sizes, creates an intensive learning experience where students develop their fluency in English in the context of a wider curriculum.

Spiritual, moral, social and cultural – Excellent

The School meets its aims well in preparing boarders for further education in other British boarding schools, usually after one year, by helping them to adapt to the linguistic, social and cultural expectations of life in Britain.

Pastoral care – Excellent

Staff in houses know the students in their care well and understand their social and academic needs.

Welfare, health and safety – Excellent

The school takes an extremely rigorous approach to welfare, health and safety, and standards are outstanding.

Quality of Boarding – Excellent

Strong oversight of the boarding provision ensures excellent and consistent support of students and makes a most significant contribution to their academic success, personal development and enjoyment of their experience while in the School.

Governance – Excellent

The governors provide highly effective oversight of the school in line with its aims.

Leadership and management – Excellent

The senior leadership team provides strong direction that is reflected in the students’ significant achievements in their public examination performance, the outstanding care of the students and the successful fulfilment of the School’s aims and ethos.

British Council School Inspection – April/May 2019

Additional information about our School is available in a special password-protected section for school inspectors.

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