History of the School

Sherborne International School has had an interesting history since it was formed over 40 years ago in 1977. It has moved sites, expanded and changed its name!

Key moments in our history

  • 1980 – The School expanded to take over the whole of Greenhill House
  • 1982 – The School acquired a boarding house called Cheapside to accommodate students
  • 1988 – Sherborne School acquired Newell Grange, thanks to a generous bequest by Charles and Louisa Bow
Building works at Newell Grange

Building works at Newell Grange, April 1991

  • 1991 – The School moved to its present campus at Newell Grange
  • 1992 – The School ran its first summer school course
  • 1995 – The Centre was registered as a separate school with the Department of Education
  • 1996 – The School started to accept girls as well as boys. At first the girls boarded at Sherborne Girls School
  • 1998 – The School changed its name to International College, Sherborne School
  • 1999 – Further teaching facilities were opened and the girls started boarding at Westcott Boarding House
  • 2002 – Grosvenor Boarding House was opened
  • 2011 – Mowat Boarding House was opened
  • 2014 – International College, Sherborne School changed its name to Sherborne International
  • 2016 – Tim Waters became the new Principal of Sherborne International, taking over from Philip Hardaker
  • 2018 – Work begins to redevelop King’s Boarding House
  • 2019 – Work to redevelop King’s Boarding House is completed
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