Future Boarding Schools and Universities

After students have completed their studies and exams at Sherborne International, many go onto study as some of the best boarding schools and universities.

With our experience and expertise, we give personalised advice to our international students to help them gain a place at the best possible future boarding school to match their skills and aspirations. Students completing our courses in 2018 secured places at some of the UK’s top boarding schools.

We have close links and personal contacts at many boarding schools. We talk extensively to the schools our students are applying to, write detailed references for each student and administer other schools’ tests here, in surroundings familiar to the students. This avoids the need to miss lessons and travel unnecessarily.

When a school visit is necessary for testing or interviews, we can arrange transport by taxi. All our drivers are Enhanced DBS-checked and very experienced at making students, especially younger ones, feel at ease and happy.

Boarding schools

In recent years some of our students have gone on to study at many of the best UK boarding schools including:

Read our blog post about the best UK boarding schools for international students.


After completing their boarding school education, many of our alumni have gone onto study at some of the best UK universities including:

Our alumni then go on to achieve prosperous and rewarding careers in many different sectors and countries around the world.


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