Jesada Yangpichit (1990-1992)

Jesada Yangpichit attended Sherborne International from 1990 to 1992 and is now Executive Director of Nortis Group in Thailand.

Jesada YangpichitJesada says “After I left Sherborne International, I went to Blundell’s and then Hurtwood House in Surrey. I pursued my A levels and got into the University of Westminster to study in Business Administration. I graduated and did a gap year at Unilever, working as a marketing officer for Wall’s ice cream. In 1999 I did my MSc. in International Marketing at the University of Surrey.

“I came back to Bangkok in 2000 and started working as a consultant for Ernst &Young in recruitment. I worked there for three years and then went on to work in marketing for Virgin Radio as a CRM manager.

“For the past seven years I have been the deputy managing director of a flexible packaging company, Plastissimo film, that I co founded. It is based in Kanchanaburi, 150km from Bangkok.

“About 2 years ago, a good friend of my wife invited me to join the Nortis Group. Nortis works in the renewable energy sector, including energy efficiency, solar farms and rooftops, and hydro projects. The CEO and VP business development team have been working in the renewable fields for a number of years and assisted a couple of companies in listing them in the stock exchange.

“Our main focus at Nortis is to provide energy savings in Thailand and southeast Asia. As coal and nuclear power plants are in decline we think that, in order to socially contribute to the planet, we need to reduce CO2 emission and solar seems to be the way forward. The cost of solar has declined massively in the past 20 years and it is now more affordable than ever, which is a great incentive. Soon battery storage will be as affordable and this will greatly increase the attractiveness of solar.”

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