Meet the SIAA President

Gus Amadi, President of SIAA

Gus Amadi is the current President of the SIAA.

An extract from Gus’s article in the 2017 SIAA Newsletter:

“This coming year there will again be some opportunities to catch up with old alumni. Let us continue to reach out and carry on this great tradition. It’s always a pleasure, and fascinating to meet old scholars.”

And his comment on making a visit to your British alma mater:

“If and when you get to visit, be ready for pleasant surprises, especially those who lived in Greenhill House. The School has been evolving and adapting to the current times and needs of students. The transformation is marvellous!”

Gus’s message to all alumni

“Although I only spent one year at the International Study Centre, I have vivid and fond memories of my time in Sherborne as it was, for me, an invaluable introduction to life in the UK. There were only around 40 of us boarding and learning in Greenhill House at that time and we were all boys from different parts of the world. You could say that Sherborne International was at the forefront of what we now know as ‘globalisation’ i.e. bringing international students closer within an environment, thus making the world seem like a small place. I know that the Sherborne International has, since 1999, become co-educational and a much larger operation, with over 130 students on the roll each year; things have certainly and continue to change for better.

I know, however, that the ethos and charge of preparing young people from overseas for further studies and beyond in this country will not have changed and, judging from the publications I have read from the College recently, this is still undertaken with very good humour and a great deal of care, as it was during my time.

Alumni speech After my time at Sherborne International, I went on to Monkton Combe School, Bath and then to City University, London where I studied Mechanical Engineering, and am now working for Deutsche Bank Ag in London. While working in the City, I took the opportunity to do a postgraduate course in Management at Birkberk College. I know that Sherborne International, known as a study centre back then, gave me a solid foundation for my subsequent achievements, and I enjoy any opportunity to reminisce about my time and fellow alumni’s time at the School.

I am sure there are more alumni and parents in the London area who would enjoy meeting up. I look forward to hearing from you via the SIAA office. ”



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