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News received from Sherborne International alumni, featuring any photos that you send. We hope it will bring back some memories of your time at Sherborne International (or Greenhill House or Sherborne International Study Centre, as it has been known in the past.)

The banner photo above shows attendees for our 40th birthday celebrations in October 2016 which was a wonderful weekend when alumni from all over the world and different decades were able to swap memories of their time at Sherborne International.

Some alumni were even able to stay at what used to be Greenhill House and is now part of The Green, a Sherborne Boys’ School house.

Gus Amadi commented on looking in on Greenhill during the Reunion: “Visiting the old school again for the 40th Reunion and this time taking a tour around Sherborne with the group of distinguished alumni, was both a pleasure and very entertaining, especially hearing their various stories and experiences.

Dad, did you really sleep here?

Visiting the old Greenhill House dormitories brought many fond memories. A moment that had us all in stitches was when one of our distinguished alumni exclaimed “Oh no, they have turned my room into a bathroom!”when he found out what had happened to his former room. I believe this didn’t stop him taking a picture for posterity though!

If any of you would like to contact a past pupil that you have lost touch with please email and we will do our best to help. By law we cannot send you anyone’s email address or contact details without their permission but if you contact us we can contact your lost friend to ask for this permission.

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