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Alumni from Sherborne International often go on to study at some of the best English boarding schools and universities, before embarking on rewarding careers around the world.

Our alumni have become lawyers, doctors, surgeons, dentists, CEOs, international leaders, academics, scientists, accountants and economists, to name just a few careers.

Sherborne International Alumni Association (SIAA) organises reunions and events all over the world to help alumni keep in touch with each other and engages with alumni through regular SIAA newsletters and on social media.

If you haven’t yet done so, sign-up to receive our emails and join us on LinkedInFacebook and Twitter to receive regular updates and join the discussion. Email or complete the Contact Form. We also love to hear your news about your families (we love a wedding!), your careers and other alumni you’ve met, so please don’t forget to tell us how you are getting on.

Reunions are a great way to meet fellow students you haven’t seen for some time or have lost touch with. They are also an opportunity to network with alumni from many different professions and industries.


Gus Amadi is the first SIAA President. He is a class of 1984 alumnus and now lives and works in London. Gus is very keen to have a thriving alumni society for Sherborne International and has always been an enthusiastic reunion attendee. Learn more about Gus.




I’m the SIAA administrator, Julia Gadd.  I’m your first point of contact for all SIAA matters. Please let me know what you think of the pages and any ideas you have for improving them or helping you to keep in contact with other Sherborne International alumni. I’m keen to hear all your news, with photos as well if you can. You can email me at

2018 Asia Reunions

In January of this year, Tim Waters, Sherborne International Principal and Adrian Ballard, Head of Sherborne Foundation, made a whistle stop tour of Bangkok, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Mr Hardaker accompanied them on his last trip with Sherborne International after retiring at the end of the Summer 2017 term. We managed to arrange reunions in Bangkok, Tokyo and Hong Kong (see photos below). Sadly, no alumni from Shanghai were available – if you live in Shanghai and would like to arrange a reunion please contact us.

If you have lost touch with any of the alumni in these photos just let me know ( and I will contact them to see if they are happy for me to send you their email details.

Bangkok January 2018

From left, top row: Adrian Ballard, Pro Chansiri Kongpatpanich, Krit Phatpanichot, Nat Titiporn Phatpanichot, Kittinon Phatpanichot, Phil Hardaker, Tim Waters, Yoichiro Tsukamoto, Pom Teerapol Rattakul,  Jesada Yangpichit, Pongsatorn Kanchanadul, Tanatip, Neung Ratanaporn.

Bottom Row: Barbara Hardaker, Tidatip Yingyong (Gift), Sarlilipak Uasuwonkul (and a possible future student?)

We also saw Suphanet Santavanond prior to the Bangkok reunion and Smitthi Bhiraleus the evening before.

Tokyo 2018

From Left, top row:Philip Blyth, Barbara Hardaker, Taketo Sasaki, Yoshio Sasaki, Tim Waters, Phil Hardaker, Akahiro’s mother, Nelli Kanamori, Yoshihito Yasaki, Sebastien Piech, Tadashi Nakamura.
Front Row: Masahiro Okui, Toshihito Yasaki, Akahiro Kanamori, Adrian Ballard.
Ai Kitamura also attended but missed the photo opportunity.

Hong Kong 2018

From Left: Adrian Ballard, Justin Mok, Mrs Mok (mum), KK (McNary Mok (dad), Vincent Huang, Barbara Hardaker,  Chun Yu (Eric) To, Phil Hardaker, Yu-Hon’s son (possible future Sherborne student), Yu -Hon Tsim, Pauline Shum (Yu-Hon’s wife), Yu-Hon’s younger son (also possible student), Kitty Fung (Colin’s girlfriend), Wai Hang (Colin) Cheng, Chung-Hai (Gerald) Ngan,  Wilson Tsoi, Brian Lee, Tim Waters.
Mr Hardaker also also met Wai To Wong after the reunion and Benny Chan the following morning.

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Meet the SIAA President

Gus Amadi, President of SIAA

Gus Amadi is the current President of the SIAA.

An extract from Gus’s article in the 2017 SIAA Newsletter:

“This coming year there will again be some opportunities to catch up with old alumni. Let us continue to reach out and carry on this great tradition. It’s always a pleasure, and fascinating to meet old scholars.”

And his comment on making a visit to your British alma mater:

“If and when you get to visit, be ready for pleasant surprises, especially those who lived in Greenhill House. The School has been evolving and adapting to the current times and needs of students. The transformation is marvellous!”

Gus’s message to all alumni

“Although I only spent one year at the International Study Centre, I have vivid and fond memories of my time in Sherborne as it was, for me, an invaluable introduction to life in the UK. There were only around 40 of us boarding and learning in Greenhill House at that time and we were all boys from different parts of the world. You could say that Sherborne International was at the forefront of what we now know as ‘globalisation’ i.e. bringing international students closer within an environment, thus making the world seem like a small place. I know that the Sherborne International has, since 1999, become co-educational and a much larger operation, with over 130 students on the roll each year; things have certainly and continue to change for better.

I know, however, that the ethos and charge of preparing young people from overseas for further studies and beyond in this country will not have changed and, judging from the publications I have read from the College recently, this is still undertaken with very good humour and a great deal of care, as it was during my time.

Alumni speech After my time at Sherborne International, I went on to Monkton Combe School, Bath and then to City University, London where I studied Mechanical Engineering, and am now working for Deutsche Bank Ag in London. While working in the City, I took the opportunity to do a postgraduate course in Management at Birkberk College. I know that Sherborne International, known as a study centre back then, gave me a solid foundation for my subsequent achievements, and I enjoy any opportunity to reminisce about my time and fellow alumni’s time at the School.

I am sure there are more alumni and parents in the London area who would enjoy meeting up. I look forward to hearing from you via the SIAA office. ”



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Alumni News and Photos

News received from Sherborne International alumni, featuring any photos that you send. We hope it will bring back some memories of your time at Sherborne International (or Greenhill House or Sherborne International Study Centre, as it has been known in the past.)

The banner photo above shows attendees for our 40th birthday celebrations in October 2016 which was a wonderful weekend when alumni from all over the world and different decades were able to swap memories of their time at Sherborne International.

Some alumni were even able to stay at what used to be Greenhill House and is now part of The Green, a Sherborne Boys’ School house.

Gus Amadi commented on looking in on Greenhill during the Reunion: “Visiting the old school again for the 40th Reunion and this time taking a tour around Sherborne with the group of distinguished alumni, was both a pleasure and very entertaining, especially hearing their various stories and experiences.

Dad, did you really sleep here?

Visiting the old Greenhill House dormitories brought many fond memories. A moment that had us all in stitches was when one of our distinguished alumni exclaimed “Oh no, they have turned my room into a bathroom!”when he found out what had happened to his former room. I believe this didn’t stop him taking a picture for posterity though!

If any of you would like to contact a past pupil that you have lost touch with please email and we will do our best to help. By law we cannot send you anyone’s email address or contact details without their permission but if you contact us we can contact your lost friend to ask for this permission.

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