After leaving Sherborne International, many or our alumni continue their studies at prestigious educational establishments before embarking on rewarding careers around the world.

Many of our alumni go on to study at elite English boarding schools, before furthering their education at many of the best universities in the UK and other countries.

After completing their education, our alumni pursue a wide range of successful careers worldwide, including lawyers, doctors, surgeons, international leaders, academics, scientists, accountants and economists, to name just a few.

Sherborne International Alumni Association (SIAA) organises reunions and events all over the world to help alumni keep in touch with each other. They engage with alumni through regular newsletters and on social media.

Alumni can sign-up to our email list by emailing They can also view our updates on LinkedInFacebook and Twitter to receive regular news and join the discussion. We also love to hear your news about your career, your family and other alumni you’ve met, so please tell us your news via our Contact Form.

Reunions are a great way to meet fellow students you haven’t seen for some time or have lost touch with. They are also an opportunity to network with alumni from many different professions and industries.


Gus Amadi is the first SIAA President. He is a class of 1984 alumnus and now lives and works in London. Gus is very keen to have a thriving alumni society and has always been an enthusiastic reunion attendee. Learn more about Gus.



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