About Us

Sherborne International School offers Short Courses for students aged 8-17 from all over the world. Being a small school we provide a nurturing environment where students can develop their confidence in language skills through interaction with peers, teachers and the wider School community. Our goal is to give students the opportunity to feel inspired and motivated to learn.

Founded by Sherborne School in 1977, Sherborne International was the UK’s first international study centre. Sherborne School is one of the country’s most distinguished schools and we have built on their secure foundation, now providing a world-renowned education for international students.

With our in-depth understanding of international students’ needs and very small class sizes (8 students per class), we provide a high quality, personalised learning experience, covering academic, linguistic and cultural education.

Our short courses, including intensive spring revision courses and summer courses last 2-8 weeks.

Sherborne is a historic and safe town, in the beautiful countryside of south-west England.

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