Coronavirus Statement

3 February, 2020

The coronavirus outbreak is likely to be a cause for some concern among parents, students and those living in and around Sherborne.

This is to be expected, particularly in view of widespread reports in the media.

The outbreak is in its early stages and it is hard to predict how the situation will develop. We continue to pay attention to the information and advice coming from trusted sources, including Public Health England, the National Health Service and our associated organisation, the Boarding Schools Association.

The safety and health of all those in and around Sherborne International is of the highest importance to us and we have taken measures to protect the whole community. For example, during the forthcoming holidays, no Chinese or Hong Kong students will travel to their home countries; most will stay with guardians in the UK and some will remain at Sherborne International.

If the situation develops in a way that forces us to change our approach, we will inform parents, students and staff directly. We will also update the school website for the benefit of the wider community.

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