Great Big School Clean

29 March, 2019

Students, Staff and Volunteers take part in national litter pick

We all like our neighbourhood to be clean, don’t we? On Saturday 23 March 2019, volunteers from Sherborne International participated in The Great British Spring Clean as a School event to do just that.

The event was part of a campaign led by the charity Keep Britain Tidy to reduce the negative impact of litter on our natural world.

Volunteers included pupils, staff, members of the public and Willow the dog.

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Eleven pupils from Years 7-11 came out to pick up litter in the area surrounding the school site. The Duke of Edinburgh training team also contributed to the clean-up, by collecting rubbish on their training expedition nearby.

It was a really constructive afternoon and we collected about 15 bags of rubbish, most of which were suitable for recycling such as: tin cans, plastic bottles and glass bottles. We also found some more interesting items including a hat, signpost, coffee machine and a broken bit of agricultural machinery!

Everyone had really good fun and enjoyed the fresh air, mixing with local residents, working as a team and visiting the nature reserve and play park; especially behind the skateboard ramps. This is where we found the majority of the litter.

We worked for approximately two hours in total and finished the afternoon with a delicious selection of tea and cake back at the School Hall.

It was an extremely rewarding exercise and it felt so good to be able to help the local environment and community. This will certainly help the Eco-Committee to help the School become greener and work towards their Green Flag.

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