Another Great Set of I/GCSE Results

23 August, 2018

With this year’s tougher I/GCSE exams, Sherborne International’s I/GCSE results have brought smiles to students’ faces all around the world, with another set of excellent results, improving on last year’s in all key statistics.

80.1% of our students gained at least five I/GCSE-GCSE passes with good grades, 13.2% higher than the UK average for English-speaking students.  Of these,14% gained the top grade of A*-A or the 7-9 equivalent in at least five subjects.

The top three performers were Joyce with four A*s, four As, one 9 and one 8; May with five A*s, two As, one 9 and one 7, and Tim with four A*s, three As, one C and one 9.

Many subjects saw 100% pass rates, including English Literature, English First Language, Art, Further Maths, Business Studies, French and Spanish.

To have achieved this record across such a range of subjects, when all our students were working in their ‘second’ language is hugely impressive.  It is a tribute to the determination of our students and the dedication of our teachers.

Our leavers are set to take up places in many of the UK’s top schools in the coming weeks and we wish all of them the very best for the future.  We now look forward to working with another talented set of I/GCSE students in the new academic year along with our Junior and Year 9 groups.

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