Students gain higher education insight on Exeter trip

18 June, 2018

Our senior students have returned from a successful trip to Exeter University. This trip was organised to provide an introduction to higher education so that when our students commence their A level or IB study in September they will have a much better knowledge of future progression opportunities.

Our group was very warmly welcomed by one of the University’s International Student Liaison Officers who gave a talk about studying at degree level and university life.

Following a question and answer session, the students were then divided into groups and taken on a tour of the campus by Student Ambassadors. Two groups spent time looking at the facilities of the Business School and one group visited the School of Engineering, Maths and Physical Sciences.

The students were then able to see some of the very ‘hi-tech’ lecture theatres, seminar rooms and the library as well as the leisure, sporting and social facilities. Overall the students were impressed with the size of the university and the extent of the opportunities available.

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