Pre-sixth students pitch innovative business plans

11 June, 2018

As part of their business module, our pre-sixth form students were asked to prepare a plan for a business they thought could be successful in Sherborne. The business ideas included a bubble tea café, a gardening club, on online shop, a dessert shop and a pet store with dog grooming services.

Utilising the business understanding they have developed on the course and their computing skills, our pre-sixth form students put together presentations to outline their business plan. Working in pairs, they presented their plans on 8 June 2018 to two local businesses and answered questions from the panel.

The best verbal presentation was given by Annie and Mary of Happy Paws, with Ella and Julia of Jella Desserts coming a close second. The business representatives complimented all our students on the excellent standard of work, particularly the ability of each pair to speak with great enthusiasm and passion.

The judges were also highly impressed with the detailed plans produced which showed development of excellent evaluative and analytical skills.

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