Welcome to the Sherborne International Alumni pages

After much hard work, we are able to re-launch the Sherborne International Alumni organisation as:
Sherborne International Alumni Association (SIAA), replacing ICOSA.

We hope to reinvigorate the alumni society, organise more events and help alumni keep in touch with each other and with Sherborne International.  We also have a new SIAA logo; if you have visited any of the social media pages you may already have seen it, it will soon appear at the top of all SIAA web pages.
The SIAA web section is in development so please keep coming back for the latest update as well as the latest SIAA news. 

We also have our first SIAA President - Mr Gus Amadi!

Gus is a class of 1984 alumnus and now lives and works in London. He is very keen to have a thriving alumni society for Sherborne International and has always been an enthusiastic reunion attendee.

There is now an SIAA administrator, that's me, Julia Gadd. I'm your first point of contact for all SIAA matters. Please let me know what you think of the new pages and any ideas you have for improving them or helping you to keep in contact with other Sherborne International alumni. I'm keen to hear all your news, with photos as well if you can.

I'll be sending out regular email newsletters and arranging reunions and get-togethers. If you would like to receive SIAA news and information about reunions please make sure we have your up to date contact details, even if it's just your email. There's a contact form on the Contact SIAA page.

SIAA Newsletter

The first edition of the SIAA newsletter is available for download from this link. Email copies have already gone out; if we don't have your email but we have a postal address you will soon receive your own copy. If we don't have your contact details you can download the pdf but why not email admin@remove-this.sherborne-international.org with your current address/email or complete the contact form.

Istanbul Reunion

Photos - follow this link!




1990s archive photos here - check them out.